How can you ensure your loved ones are being cared for when you can’t be around all the time?  The answer is Silver Shield.


You can’t always be around to help protect your loved ones.  Especially in an assisted care environment, the potential for fraud, abuse, and neglect is difficult to catch if you can’t be there often enough to check on them.

That’s where Silver Shield by Secure Point Investigations can help.  We become the family’s trusted inspectors to extend a trained pair of eyes and ears that monitor the care given to your senior or assisted adult family member and keep you informed.


Many insurance companies and pension plans have an Alive and Well/Wellness check system using Private Investigators to ensure their clients are cared for in assisted living environments.  Some police departments also have various wellness check programs as well.  However, with the increasing lack of funding and personnel, many law enforcement agencies can no longer offer this service, especially on a routine basis.  In addition, many plans and departments do not cover all of the items and situations the family members would like to check up on.


Secure Point Investigations (TeamSPI) now offers this program to the public through our Silver Shield program.  Silver Shield allows individuals and families to help protect their loved ones when they can’t be present.


Secure Point Investigations will become your eyes and ears by:


  • Conduct physical visits to confirm and monitor the physical living environment.


  • Complete background screening checks on caregivers, staff, home care businesses, and nursing homes.


  • Conversational interviews with the assisted adult to help identify potential abuse or neglect.


  • Monitoring for theft, both physical and financial.


  • Option to be present during meetings between the assisted adult and other parties to record and report any potential for manipulation that would take advantage of the assisted adult.


  • Spot checks and surveillance to ensure that services that the caregivers are paid for are performed and to the standards agreed upon.



The program is flexible to meet the family’s specific needs, and the frequency of the checks can be adjusted depending on budget and needs.



Silver Shield helps identify, document, and report elder abuse, neglect, and fraud.


Our licensed and insured Private Investigators are trained to recognize and confirm signs of Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation and give you the evidence you need to protect your loved one and document evidence for potential future legal actions.  Secure Point Investigations is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.  Always consult your attorney regarding the legal options available in elder abuse cases.  Silver Shield is only available in Washington State.


Consultations with the senior and family members ensure the family’s needs and the assisted adult are met.


You don’t have to be left in the dark with quality care for your loved ones.  Now you can have a Licenced Private Investigator on your side.


Contact TeamSPI today for a free consultation on how Silver Shield can help. 

Email or call 360-799-5502.

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