No matter how well you hide your valuables, an experienced thief will no doubt do their best to find them within minutes. Just as you lock your door by thinking about the possibility of malicious people entering your home, you can also review the choices you made by knowing the first places that thieves will look when they enter your living space, and you can prepare the ground for them to waste time finding the things they are looking for in order to increase their chances of being caught. Closets by the front door are among the most attractive spots for many thieves who race against time while committing crimes. Therefore, please do not make the mistake of putting your car keys, cash or personal documents inside the cabinet drawers at the door entrance for easy access. Even if it is far from the entrance door, thieves do not easily leave the houses they enter without stopping by the bedroom, as it is widely used. Unfortunately, it is among the first places thieves look, as the under mattresses in the bedroom, the inside of wardrobes and dressers are often used to hide money and jewellery. A heavy, fastened steel safe is quite a deterrent for thieves. However, it is absolutely impossible to protect unfixed small safes that can be easily grabbed and carried away from a thief. If you think that anyone looking for your precious jewels would not think to look inside the medicine cabinet, you are definitely wrong. Most thieves do not leave the house they entered without scrutinizing the medicine cabinet. Even if you do not store your jewelry in this area, we recommend that you do not keep the green or red prescription drugs you use in the medicine cabinet. For malicious people, stealing these drugs and selling them to addicts is a very attractive and lucrative option.

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